Wednesday, October 26, 2016

And So It Begins...

Today, I decided I have lost my mind and need to start a blog to write everything down before I forget it. That includes my car keys, wherever they might be.

No, seriously. I was wishing I could talk to past relatives and learn about my family history. I look at a nephew and see a cousin's face in his expressions, a man he will never meet or know. One of my sons stands and props his arm on his hip just like my brother and another son has inherited his personality (Lord help me). Thank goodness they have been able to get to know him and often laugh at the similarities. I, on the other hand, as a child years ago in the summer discovered my toes look just like my Uncle Johnny's. My feet were bare and his wife said, “Goodness look at your feet. They look just like his!” So he took off his big, heavy work boots and inside were large copies of my toes. Now that felt strange, so much so, that fifty years later I still recall that moment.

I can't do much about the past but I can do something about the future.

This blog will be writings about the everyday events of my family, lessons learned and battles fought. It will probably be boring to many; but, hopefully it will be fascinating to those who are a long way off.

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