Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Local Ladies' Garden Club

Mine...I am learning.

Yes, I am a member of a garden club even though I live far out in the country.  All my friends snickered when I told them I had joined but I love it.  It is a group of REAL Southern Ladies who have been meeting for decades.  No, we don't wear big hats, white gloves and sip mint juleps on the veranda, but I wish we did. I like big hats and the gloves would hide my broken fingernails caked with garden dirt. Anyway, the goal is to share about our gardens and be challenged to learn new skills.

Today's challenge was to make an arrangement from what we had on hand, easier said than done. We are in the middle of a drought and have not had any rain in forever. Also, we have had a few light frosts which have killed what few flowers were left.

The ladies rose to the occasion and produced arrangements worthy of a national flower show.

 Although we did have one desperate member use the cursed Johnson grass in her arrangement and another used a bit of Baby's Breath from a previously store bought arrangement. When she was caught red handed she replied that we were to use “what we had on hand” so technically she was right. She did have it “on hand” Since there was not an unbiased flower show judge available to decide the matter, we all agreed to over look the indiscretions. It is a drought after all.

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