Monday, February 6, 2017

A Shocking Situation

Do you see it?  The shocking situation?  Look closer.  Everything looks idyllic but something revolting is lurking. I will explain further.

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  We moved to the country about 14 years ago but I still return to the "big city" on occasion.  Recently I was in town and decided to snap some pictures.  The above scene is on Harding Boulevard, going west right before you get to Belle Meade Boulevard, one of the most affluent areas of the south (certainly not our old neighborhood).

Whenever I return to this area of town, I drive down this road to check to see if the shocking situation has changed or improved.  I have been checking for years, I don't remember how long, at least since before we moved to the country, so a long time.

I will move in closer so you can see better.  Do you see it now?

No?  I will move in even closer.  Do you see it now?

YES!  YOU SEE IT!  The electrical wires are running THROUGH the tree branches! Not over or under, but right between the crossed branches.  Who would do something so careless?  Why has no government official petitioned this to be fixed?  Am I the only citizen that is concerned?

When I originally noticed this shocking situation, years ago, the branches were small, thin and there was plenty of room for the wires.  I pointed it out to the boys who shrugged and passed it off as insignificant.  Every time we returned to the area, I would point it out, and they would continue to shrug.  When they learned to drive, and I demanded to be chauffeured, they would complain when I made them drive around the block to check out the tree.  They would snap, "Mom, I need to watch the road!"

They were young and didn't realize the danger.

I wonder what will happen when the branches finally grow together?  Will it create a powerful surge, crash the electrical grid and throw us back to the stone age?  Will life end as we know it?  Am I the only person who sees this ghastly problem?  Or do I need to just stay out of the city...GET ME TO THE COUNTRY!!!!

UPDATE:  One year later I returned and posted a new report.


  1. One can be astonished about this situation. These very large branches so near to the street (and over the street) should be cut off. Really looks dangerous. Is there not a sort of citizen´s office where on could ring up? Here most electricity lines are installed in the underground.

    1. They are installing lines underground in new subdivisions but it would be cost prohibitive in older neighborhoods. This area was established pre-civil war so it is very old (150 years ago).

      This is the oddest thing because the other trees are all trimmed back, but not in this one spot. It is as if no one wants to touch this branch. Bill said it is probably electrical, telephone, cable, and fiber optics all running together and each company says, "Not my problem."

      I think no one but me has noticed it. I always see the strangest things when I should be watching the road.