Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Blew in Like a Lion

Blew the door off of the tool shed.

Blew the siding off of the house.

Blew the branches off of my favorite tree in the woods behind the house.

Blew this little tree down which was not a surprise. I knew it was about to go last year when I leaned against it and it swayed.

Tried but failed to blow this tree down.


The next to fall.

No matter how hard the winds blow, these never fall.

March, it is time you go out like a lamb!


  1. Oh, Jeannie, - that looks like a lot of work, that is waiting for your family! But it will surely be done step-by-step.
    Do you use the bigger branches for heating when they will be dry?

    1. Firewood was one of the reasons we walked back into the woods to check the damage. Bill will cut up the good pieces and then we will have a big bonfire to burn up the small, bug infested pieces. A big fire was a winter tradition when the boys lived here, along with roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. That was their payment for dragging the logs across the woods. I don't think they will work for such low wages now.

    2. Hi Jeannie, You did win!! Not because you are right but, because you were the only one to answer!!Thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like you are having high winds, too......this has been the windiest winter into spring I can remember. Happy Gardening!

    3. Sally, I am used to not being right! But I will take first place anyway.

      I went to the store today and it looked like everyone was hit by the high winds. I will post those pictures next.