Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Searching for Signs of Spring

Last night the temperature dropped to 32 degrees (Fahrenheit) and I awoke to another frost on the ground.  I am still longing for Spring to arrive but it is taking forever. Being discouraged from waiting so long, today I searched for hopeful clues and this is what I found.

The grass is turning green and beginning to grow rapidly.  Some of the trees are budding, others are still leafless.

The farmers were getting ready.  This one was cleaning out his barns and was spreading the manure on his fields.  How did I know it was manure being spread?  I could SMELL it...

... and smell it, and smell it as I drove slowly behind him down the country road.  

He returned to his barn which appeared to have an unending supply waiting to be removed.

The animals seemed to be aware the weather is changing and are becoming frisky.  This naughty little calf had escaped the fence and was dangerously close to the busy highway.  Realizing the hazards, I stopped at the nearest house to inform its owner.  

The gentleman who answered the door sighed when I pointed to the straying calf.  He informed me it was an escape artist who slipped under the fence often.  He had already put it back inside many times even though it belonged to his neighbor.  I offered to corral it in my freezer as a solution; he said he was tempted, but laughingly declined.  

The sensible matrons looked on disapprovingly at the mischevious fugitive.  

As I searched all day for signs of Spring, all I could think about was sipping iced tea while sitting in my swing.  However, it appears everywhere I looked everyone else was ready and waiting to swing into Spring also.


  1. We are anxiously awaiting spring too!

  2. I feel that in some years it only takes 3 warm days in April -- and spring is here!
    But of course this is the season we are longing for impatiently. However this beautiful time of spring seems to go too fast. Hot days will come and we have to hide away from the heat.

    1. Today it is warm and beautiful! All I need is two more days.

  3. Spring? It totally looks summery! My city is expecting an ice storm over the weekend, so I am enjoying your spring photos!

    1. Oh Margaret, we are so close to Spring. I am getting impatient and whining. I want to weed flowers, plant seeds, sit in my swing and sip tea but the weather will not let me unless I wear a coat. Any day now the weather will turn warm and I am going crazy until it happens. If we had another ice storm coming, I would have to move to Florida!