Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Irritating Expectant Mother Returns to Bother Me Again!

She caused so much trouble when she was here before and now she is back to torment me again!  Why can't she take a hint and realize she is not welcome?  

This basket holds fresh herbs for snipping and saves me a trip to the garden when I need a little seasoning while cooking.  It sits on our front porch beside our bedroom window.  The Irritating Expectant Mother trespassed onto my property, appropriated my herb basket and claimed it as her own.   

She is unconcerned that the herbs are now contaminated with her droppings.  Her housekeeping skills have not improved since the last time she was a squatter on my property.

Look at that face - glaring at me while nestled comfortably inside my dinner!  Enough of this nonsense.  I am evicting her from my property immediately.  Squatter's rights will not be respected!  SHOO!

Uh oh.  Not again...five tiny eggs!  Sigh. Outsmarted once more.  

I suppose I can walk to the garden for fresh herbs, sit on the other side of the porch to avoid disturbing the babies, and then wash the porch when they are gone.  It won't hurt if we wait awhile. 

A few weeks later, we were awakened at sunrise by loud hungry chirps right outside our bedroom window.  The babies had hatched and they were ravenous.  After they woke us up and ate breakfast, they fell back asleep.  

They gobbled every bug their Mom brought, grew larger and louder.  The nest walls expanded to hold them snuggly.

Then one morning we accidentally slept late and awoke to realize all was quiet.  The chicks had flown the coop (herb basket), so we grabbed her house and moved it to another neighborhood where she can be as trashy as she wants.  Hopefully, the Irritating Mother will realize she is welcomed in her lofty flowerbed perch.  Probably not.  She's too irritating to change her bad habits.

Home Sweet Home
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  1. Oh my goodness...what precious little babies! Wren's really are the loudest birds in creation! lol But they sure are cute! You are sweet to give them such a nice snug home! Hugs!

  2. I really enjoyed the bird story and pictures!

  3. That is really a sweet home! Your basket is predestinated for a cosy bird´s nest. Wrens are such
    charming tiny birds. I admire their legs, so fine and thin. And they move so quickly.
    Forget about the little trouble that you had for a while.
    The wren decided that just THIS place was the best. Take it as a compliment!

    1. It is the best place. The porch is sheltered from the wind and rain, wild animals would not come up on the porch and the herbs smell wonderful. She also has a cleaning service - that's me!

      She has returned to the porch looking for the basket. Since it is gone, she has been looking at the other flowerpots and our shoes. Years ago one made a nest in Dustin's big work boot. He was not happy about it at all.

  4. I would commit some serious crimes to have her with me if I didn't have cats. Wrens are my absolute favorite bird...I love a lot of birds but wrens are the top of the list. We had them at home...mom finally built a little box and nailed it to the side of the house right up below the eaves...they built there every year. Before that they would build in her house plants, and we had a screen in back porch, that had one small hole...it built in her clothespin bag one year, in a bucket another....then started in the flowers on the front porch. They were two feet from the swing and it never bothered them...they would land on the chain of the swing with us sitting in it. My dad was disabbled and sat with his feet up on a chair in front of him, and they would perch on his foot sometimes. So I am sitting here not exactly green with envy...but sure wish I had them here. I get house wrens, but again, there is the worry of my cats. And house wrens are just not the same as Carolina wrens.

    1. What a sweet memory! I will look at my little wren differently now, perhaps with more tolerance. The permanent box is a good idea and would contain the mess she makes. She's looking around again on the porch for a spot so I might do something a bit more welcoming.

  5. We have a Carolina Wren who nests in our newspaper box every year. Somehow it is easy to forget she is there until you reach in the mailbox right above it and out she flies. She does this when we stop the car at the box too and one day she is going to end up in the car and we are all going to be freaking out!

    1. I wish mine would chose a place where we don't sit. The mailbox would be great, no bills! We saw ours checking out the other flower pots on the front porch yesterday. She might be back.