Friday, July 21, 2017

An Irritating Expectant Mother!

This used to be my favorite floral arrangement which I made last Fall at a special event organized by my garden club.  The experienced members helped and advised me so it would be perfect.  I hung it on the front porch by the door and enjoyed looking at it every time I came home.  I took it down briefly to hang winter decorations, then put it up as soon as I got spring fever.  My plan was to remove the Fall colors and replace them with Spring colors.  It did not happen because an IRRITATING EXPECTANT MOTHER RUINED EVERYTHING!

I first realized something was amiss when I noticed the silk flowers were askew.  Moss was scattered on the porch floor and also all over the bench seat.  It had been stolen out of the pots of petunias.  Who would steal moss?

I decided to investigate.

On the back of the wreath was a brown house wren's bird nest with eggs inside!  I quickly and gently hung it back on the nail.

Then life changed.  I canceled the plans to remake the arrangement for Spring, pressure wash the siding, clean the windows and recover the cushions on the lounge chair.  Everything came to a grinding halt because of the IRRITATING EXPECTANT MOTHER!  We learned to open the front door slowly because it would startle HER which then caused her to fly out of the nest only inches from our head and startle US!  Everything had to be moved to the other side of the porch to avoid HER droppings.  She is lacking in her housekeeping skills. When she began to fly back and forth constantly, we knew it was feeding time for the noisy little ones so we had to keep a close eye on Scooter.  

Then THANKFULLY it was suddenly quiet.  She had flown the coop, leaving her dirty apartment behind.  I was thrilled she was out of the neighborhood and could begin sprucing up my house.  We waited a while then checked the nest again.  Everyone was gone except for one bad egg.  Every family has at least one.  I quickly razed her home and threw it in the burn pile as a discouragement to keep her from returning.  I should not be a snob, welcome all to my neighborhood but she is too irritating.

I went around to the backyard to the shed to get the cleaning supplies and noticed Scooter acting odd.  He was looking at something in the shed.

It's HER!  She is back!  She has built another nest and this one is in my tool shed!  I will not tolerate this again!  I am knocking her nest down, cleaning up this second mess and evicting her permanently!

Oh no, too late.

I suppose we could leave the door open and move the tools to the garage.  It will only be for a little while.

UPDATE:  The story continues on August 6th with the Birth Announcement.


  1. This bird seems to be very clingy. This expectant mother likes your place. So, - feel honored ! The end of breeding time comes.

    1. I suppose I should feel honored she has chosen me; however, it is hard to do when cleaning up bird droppings!

      I am looking forward to the end of breeding season.

  2. There's something so endearing about momma birds. They make fools of us. We put up with bird poop, them yelling at us for getting too close to our own property and hours of listening to screeching chicks. It's so worth it to be part of the cycle of life.....

    1. It is fascinating, if only she would move somewhere I didn't have to clean afterwards.

  3. I just read your post on Feverfew. Very impressive. I had no idea we could make our own capsules at home. I can think of so many herbs I would like to do this with....thanks for the info. It was wonderful that you could help your brother with his migraines. I've only had a few in my life and can't imagine how horrible it has to be to have them all the time!

    1. When I made the post it was with the hopes it might help someone. I am always looking for better ways to do things. Some things work, some things don't; however, feverfew has made a difference for us.

  4. Isn't Sweet Pastoral Life overrated at times?? ;)

    And who does the Wren girl think YOU are?

    Take care

  5. I put 5-6 of those carry out chopsticks in my hanging baskets to discourage nest building birds, splayed out from the middle.