Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sparks Flew on New Year's Day

It has come to my attention, due to emails I have received, that some people reading this blog have gotten a wrong impression of me.  It appears there are people who think the following about me:

1.  My family is exciting.
2.  My house is spotless.
3.  I have my act together and know what I am doing.

I must set the record straight and give a truer picture of my family; this post is to show how much excitement we all shared celebrating New Year's.

Joshua came home for the weekend.  Yay!  He brought his computer and did all types of upgrades or was it downgrades?  Sometimes you upload, other times you download.  So confusing.  Anyway, he did all types of stuff to his computer to make it stuffier.

Joshua at Bill's old desk doing stuff
He even took the side off of his computer so he could stuff more stuff inside.  See how stuffed it looks?  Perhaps it would have been nice of me to offer to sit on the side so he could stuff it better.

The following mess in the middle of the basement floor, where everyone had to step around, was compliments of....


Dustin at his workbench without a sunny smile.
He is connecting these batteries to the solar panel outside.  If you happen to notice the inch of dust on top, realize I can't dust them for fear of electrocution. 

When you are on well water and your power fails, you have no water.  Not fun.  The solar panel and batteries will be used as a backup for now.  Later we will expand the system.  The sun has not shone in what feels like forever so he has had trouble gathering enough solar energy for tests.

Solar panel.
Reese, worked on making a knife...FROM SCRATCH!  He started with a solid piece of high carbon steel and created this for me!!!!  It says "Get Me    The Country"  My NEW LOGO!  Since he is learning how to do this from Youtube Videos, he goofed and accidentally sanded off the "to".  I don't mind.   "Get Me The Country" has a nice ring.

Knife made by Reese.
Just to be nice, since I am a great Mom, I am showing a close up so you can see that the "to" is really there.  I don't want to be critical of Reese and hurt his feelings.  I want more knives.

I know, I know, wearing socks with flip flops is dorkey.  I told him and he did not seem to hear me...wait a minute...is he wearing ear muffs?

Reese making a knife. I will show more detailed pictures in a later post.
Bill worked on cleaning the guns he has used lately, which seems to be quite a few.  He was too busy reading the instructions to smile.  I didn't bother him, never bother a man holding a gun, even if it is in pieces.

I encourage him to buy gun stuff so I can buy sewing stuff.  Works out great for us.

Scooter spent the day laying in the mud guarding the collard greens.

I fussed at him for getting so dirty but  then he showed me how he could lick the mud off his nose.  Good dog!

I guess that leaves me.  I spent the weekend harvesting greens and cooking huge meals.  We were fixing our plates when Joshua observed the abundance of food and said, "This green, slimy muck is delicious!  I love it!  Did you grow it?"

Everyone else stopped, all eyes jerked toward me, no one moved.

I paused, thought a moment...then reached over, hugged Joshua and said, "There was a compliment in there somewhere.  I will take it!"

Bill, breathed a sigh of relief.  Bullet dodged.
Dustin, shook his head.
Reese, rolled his eyes.
Scooter, sniffed the floor for crumbs.

Me?  After dinner I slipped back outside before the sun went down to pick extra greens to make more of Joshua's new favorite dish the "slimy, mucky greens."

Happy New Year 2017!  I hope next year is just as dull.


  1. I love your solar panels. I hope someday to have a few as well. For now, we save power by heating with wood in a wood stove. Every bit helps!

    1. We have more panels to add but Dustin wanted to figure how to get just one to work first. The powerlines falling during ice storms are our worry. We have a woodburning stove but would have no water. If only the sun would shine, tonight snow is forecast. He is learning as he goes...once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler.


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