Friday, June 16, 2017

My Job, An Introduction, part 3 of 7

Ron "switching" on the rack.
To continue my series about my job, My Job, An Introduction, Part 1 My Job, An Introduction, part 2, I shared how we connected the video cameras with cables to the production truck.  However, now I am sharing about the racks we use which are smaller versions of the production truck.  They allow Jim flexibility when videoing in multiple locations.   Usually, they are put in out-of-the-way places in the back of the auditorium or by an entrance door.  No matter where it is placed, everyone is eager to search it out to watch their friends perform.  Bribes of Jolly Ranchers may have been quietly offered in the past for close-ups of themselves; however, the crew is much too honorable to ever take advantage of the situation, I am sure.

Just like the truck, miles of cables are run from the cameras to the rack and are always neat and organized.

It is all kerfunkled.
After the show, the equipment is disassembled, cables rolled and Gaff tape removed.  Each person sticks it on their clothes so no pieces will be left.  They often end up wearing it home.

After the show, the rack's lid is attached so it can be boxed up and transported.

Now the really fun work begins.  All three cameras, with studio kits, viewfinders, rear zooms and focus controls,  plus additional sundry items are put (shoved) in cases.

"Are we having fun yet?

Next, the cables are added.


Teamwork is required to close the lid.

Each case has wheels on the side so it becomes a dolly when turned upright. Everything is stacked on top because the more you stack, the less you carry.

If you were not amazed before, you will be now.   Both cases, plus the tripods, plus all the cables, the sales table, football, monitors, the list goes on and on, will be stuffed into the back of Jim's jeep. He first measured the jeep when he decided to begin using racks then worked backward to see what would fit. 

There is an exact order as to how things are stacked.  If Jim slams on the brakes, no one wants the items behind his head to fly forward and give him a concussion, not that it has happened before.

First, the rack is loaded, as the rain begins to fall.  Why does it always rain when we are loading?

Then while everyone is working hard shoving the heavy equipment into the jeep, Jim writes the paychecks for the evening.  He always gets the easy jobs.  As long as they don't bounce, no one cares if they are soggy with spit.

"Add a few extra zeros please Jim" suggested Dustin.
It did fit.

But will the door shut?

It all fits! GROOVY!
There is just enough room for the driver and maybe a cup of coffee.  No wait, there is ALWAYS room for coffee on the drive home.

Done for the night.  Now it is time to drive two hours home, unload and reload for the next day's shoot.

Next, I will share a typical day.


  1. Oh okay you're a jolly bunch of experts at Tetris right??


    1. They are good at Tetris, I am not. However, I can get in their way and flash a camera in their eyes; that is my expertise.

  2. It is amazing how much your brother fits in the organizing genius. I'm surprised your son isn't working for him considering the job usually involves girls in prom dresses or cheerleading uniforms......

    1. Joshua, Dustin and Reese are my sons and they do work for Jim. I put their names in the captions, but not that they are mine. I warned them they could not afford any of these girls. They have been raised by rich dads and would be HMMs(High Maintenance Models).

  3. We had a lady and her son come and video the Nutcracker the school did for Christmas. It is so awesome to have it on video! My children forever frozen on that video performing. Wonderful job you do, thank you! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

    1. I think we have done the Nutcracker at least a million times over the years, at least it feels that way. It can be the same costumes, scenes, dance steps, but each time it is performed, it will be different. You are right, only the video can freeze it.

  4. A lot of hard work for sure, but they certainly are pros at it!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.