Friday, June 23, 2017

My Job, Ocular Surgery, part 6 of 7

In my previous post I shared how we prepare just in case it rains during the graduation ceremony. The next post will be the outside setup and now, how to handle another emergency.

"WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM! Camera 3 is all gommered up with cataracts. The lens will look foggy so we must do emergency Ocular surgery before the graduation begins." Jim exclaimed in a panicked voice.

"Do surgery before the graduation starts in 30 minutes?  That is impossible. You have got to be joking." laughed Ron.

"Something is not skookum and the picture is cloudy." Jim expertly diagnosed.

"Not skookum?   Never heard of that but it must be bad." Ron wisely reasoned.

"How can I help?" asked Ron.

"Hold this screw.  Don't let me forget to put it back in."

"Can Jim get everything back together in 20 minutes?"  Ron quietly wondered.

"I found the problem.  It is the filter behind the lens that is cloudy." Jim explained. "All we need to do is to remove it and replace it with a new one." 

"Ron, let me use your shirt as a backdrop so you can see the problem.  The filter is multilayered which blocks the infrared light.  It is held together with optical cement and when the layers begin to separate, it looks cloudy."  explained Jim.

"This is how the lens should look."

"Now we just drop the new one in and reassemble the camera, if I can remember how to put it back together." worried Jim.

Keep holding that screw.
"Wow Jim, you did it with only 10 minutes left," Ron said as he breathes a sigh of relief.

"Only a few more seconds left must hurry.  Something is missing." mused Jim.  "Wonder what I forgot?  I've got two brain cells left and they are not talking to each other."

Quick!  People are coming in!  Get the camera in place!

"The screw! We forgot the screw! I dropped the screw!  What am I to do!" Ron panicked.

Over the communication box, Jim said:  Showtime.  Hold it together!

3,2,1, Good evening parents and friends
Howard said: camera 1 ready
Dustin said: camera 2 ready
Doug said: camera 4 ready
Ron said: camera 3 almost ready

Jim said: camera 2, Dustin, get the wide shot, ready 2, on 2 now, hold shot
Jim said: camera 1, Howard, go to person at podium, ready 1, pause...on 1, hold
Jim said: camera 3, Ron, get ready for a pull shot, ready...focus, on 3, pull back slowly, easy there tiger, slow down, you got it, hold shot, good shootin' Tex...good shootin'!!

Good Shootin' Tex

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