Saturday, November 25, 2017

Scooter's Difficult Thanksgiving

Scooter eating Thanksgiving turkey from Nana's silver fork.

"Sniff, sniff," said Scooter.  "Who are you?"

"I am your cousin Beau, which is short for Beauregard, and I am from the glamorous city of Alabama.  We are here to celebrate Thanksgiving with you.  We are family."

"Alabama is a city?" wondered Scooter.

"I will show you the country,"  said a hospitable Scooter.  " If you look to the left, there are trees and grass."

"If you look to the right, there are more trees and more grass."

Look all around, trees and grass.

"Where are the cars, kids on bikes and noisy neighbors?  What do you do for fun around here?  I am going to the house and find some excitement," huffed a bored Beau.

"Ha Ha. Look what I found!  Your dog food!  Guess you won't mind if I eat all of it.  Thanks, Cousin." 

"Hey, Scooter, this will be fun. Everyone is eating, watch me beg for food. No one can resist my cute face."

"Beau!" yelled Scooter.  "It is against the rules to jump up on people and beg while they are eating. We don't act like that here.  It is naughty." 

"Does he seriously think I am going to follow the rules?"

"Watch me spin, twirl, hop, and dance.  I will be so dazzling no one will resist my charms."

"Listen, Beau, this is very important.  You must slow down and be gentle with Nana.  Carefully take the food so you don't bite her fingers.  This is a special once a year treat because she will feed us turkey with a silver fork. Watch me go first."

"Beau!"  exclaimed a horrified Scooter. "You are spilling, smacking and dropping food all over Nana's feet!"

"Slurp, smack, lick...." mumbled Beau.

"Look at Beau.  Everything he does is adorable. He moves so fast he is just a blur."

"Nana, Beau is fast and fancy, not slow and plain like me.  He called me a country bumpkin when no one was listening.  Do you love me too?"

"We are a family and everyone is different which is sometimes difficult," said Nana.   "Being different is what makes a family so incredible.  Beau is my favorite city grandchild and you are my favorite country grandchild.  Yes Scooter, I love you just as much as I love Beau.  I brought a special present just for you, only to be opened after Beau has gone home."


"Now I know Nana loves me the most!"

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  1. Yay for Scooter who wins in the end! : )
    P.S. Nana is adorable.

    1. Jo, I called Mom this morning to check on her and the first thing she said was, "I am adorable." We will never hear the end of it.

  2. I am not sure who is more adorable; Beau, Scooter, or Nana.

  3. That was fun! Beau is cute but, Scooter is still my favorite internet pup. I'll take country bumpkins any day.

    1. Internet pup! A new expression for me. I will tell Scooter he has a new title, "Sir, Internet Pup".

  4. No wonder Nana loves the Scooter posts... that was fun.... so is Nana...and 'adorable' too.....just like my Mom was.....