Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Scooter was Surprised by Nana

Nana came to visit me!!

Nana was on a big adventure and stopped by to see me.  She explained she was moving to Alabama to take care of Cousin Beau full-time (he needs enormous amounts of attention).

Give me more attention too
You can't leave me I whined. I am going with you but am terrified of riding in a car and always throw-up everywhere. Because I love you so much Nana, I will be brave and drive your car. 

She was impressed because it was the first time EVER I voluntarily jumped into a car.  I can be awesome when I want too.

Let's GO!
Nana said she will be back to visit and Mom is planning another trip to see Cousin Beau.  If I am brave and learn to ride in the car further than the mailbox, I can go too.  We snuggled for a few minutes and then they left.

I love you, Nana

Hey Scooter, this is Cousin Beau and I wanted to let you know Nana arrived safely.  I will be responsible for guarding her now.  You have done a good job but it is my turn.

What do I do?
Scooter, Nana is hard to handle! She is always causing trouble. She won't allow any bathroom accidents in the house.  If I bark and scare the little boys riding their bikes on my street in front of my house, she shuts the blinds until I settle down. She will not let me chew on the new grandbabies' toys.  What if she makes me eat vegetables or asks me to say please. What do I do?  You must be brave, learn to drive the car quickly so you can HELP ME!!

Woe is me.
Hurry up, get here and distract Nana so I can be naughty. I am depending on you.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.
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  1. It can be seen on the pictures that your mother and Scooter like each other and that they enjoy this happy reunion. And in Alabama another faithful dog has been waiting for your mother. They surely will have a good time together.

    1. We are a dog loving family. Mom has always had a dog over the years so we grew up with them. I think a house is lonely without one; however, they do require quite a bit of attention.