Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Cat Goes With the Building

Her Royal Highness sitting in the store window sticking her tongue out at me.
Last year I passed by a quaint little quilting shop in another town and just had to pop in to see what was on sale. Buying fabric is my weakness.  Inside the store, in the middle of the counter sat a haughty cat.  It was as if she was a queen overseeing her kingdom and never once offered to move out of anyone's way.  I commented to the saleslady that the cat appeared to think she owned the place.  She replied that she did, in fact, own the place and came with the building. Came with the building???

When the quilt store manager contacted the building owner about leasing the property, he informed her she could use the property but there was a resident cat.  The previous business allowed the cat to move in and there she stayed.  When they left, the cat remained and kind neighbors began to feed her.  She lived in the empty building quite happily because no one had the heart to turn her out.   Any new business leasing the property was encouraged to allow her to stay.  The new manager decided to keep the cat.  

Today I passed through the town again and wanted to visit the little shop to see the cat.  My heart sank when I saw they had gone out of business, but that did not stop me from peeping in the windows.  

She is still ruling her kingdom.

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