Saturday, November 30, 2019

November's Garden (2019)

The month began at a balmy 75 degrees (F) and then dropped to 26 degrees (F) within 24 hours.  For three nights in a row, it dipped to the lower twenties and killed about 60% of the seedlings. We went from summer to winter in one day. 

Nothing was hardened off enough to withstand the sudden shock. The leaves were frostbitten and useless for eating.  

1,000 Head Kale
When I first lifted the hoop house covers, it smelled like an old, slimy rotten salad forgotten in the back of a refrigerator.  With most of the decay removed now, the new growth has begun to leaf out.  There have been some sunny days so the recovery has been rapid.

Unknown name from my saved seeds
Purple Lady Bok Choy
Stem Mustard, Tsa Tsai
More seedlings were planted this year than in previous ones because my list of favorite, winter must-have vegetables keeps growing longer; however, this is all that lived. It will not be enough to feed us through the winter.  

For some odd reason, this one tatsoi survived without much damage at all.  It looks so good I hate to pick it.  If it makes seeds, I might plant a whole field next year.

Why, oh why, do I keep expecting the weather to cooperate?  Going straight from summer to winter might be the new weather pattern for my area.  Next year I am planning on: a wet spring, then a long, hot dry summer, followed by a sudden deep freeze.  Erratic might be the new normal.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Pulling Apart at Pull-A-Part

While Reese was home visiting last week, he had a list of problems needing to be repaired on his truck.  He enjoys watching videos, reading books and learning auto maintenance.  Since new parts cost a fortune, he and Dustin spent the day at Pull-A-Part getting replacement parts for cheap.

"Pull-A-Part is a superior alternative to digging through a junkyard.  Start by searching the state-of-the-art online car inventory database.  Visit a clean, organized nationwide location where removing car parts is easy, saving expensive labor costs and mark-ups.  If you need cash and have a junk car to sell, contact your nearest Pull-A-Part location for a free tow and fash cash."
(From their online ad)

They found vehicles whose parts matched his truck...

...and then the fun began.  With the tools they brought, they went to work salvaging what they needed and other things they didn't.  

When they got home late in the day, they told me they were exhausted from working so hard.  I felt sorry, cooked a large, hot meal and let their chores slide.

After seeing the pictures, I once again realized I was bamboozled.  When these two get together, fun and mischief always follow. 

An Additional Truck Escapade:

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Wonderful Weekend

At this moment, Scooter is snuggling beside me on the couch.  He jumps up behind my legs and pushes my feet forward so he has more room. Then he puts his head below the cushion (so his eyes are in the dark), goes to sleep and begins snoring loudly.  He is happy -  I am scrunched.

To my right is Bill reading the news on his computer.  He is thinking deeply but I doubt if it is good news.  

Directly in front of me are all three of my boys home for a short visit.  I feel like a mother hen with her little chicks cuddled closely under her wings. They are playing the video game Space Engineer which allows you to build factories, space stations and ships in outer space.  It is like a highly complicated game of legos inside your computer.  All my sons inherited their father's engineering brain so they love to design and build.  Their computers are linked so they work together.  Each one is wearing headphones so they can hear the sound effects of the game as they communicate.  They have also done this when living at their separate apartments in different states.  It is their way of relaxing.

Since I am not part of the game and can only hear half of their conversations, I hear some odd comments.  These are a few I have overheard today:

"Has your spacesuit ever run out of hydrogen while working in space?"
"Yes.  I died."

"Don't fly your ship into a rock.  You will regret it."

"Where are you?"
"I'm in the burning pile of wreckage floating by your window."

"I'm tired of mining dirt so I'm taking some of your resources."

"The Universe is really big."

"Before the day is over, I want to visit at least one planet."

"Let's take the Starship Enterprise for a spin around the block."

"GUYS!  My ship is floating away!"
"Engage your thrusters."
"I forgot to build one."
"Your tether will hold."
"I forgot that too!"
Amidst howls of laughter, a rescue operation ensued.

While taking a break from constructing spaceships, they returned to earth so we could have lunch with Nana at her new assisted living apartment.  She is quite happy living there and was pleased to see us.

Sometimes for a brief moment, life is perfect.