Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January's Garden (2018)

Cold and miserable, that has been the weather this month.  I rush out to the garden, raise the side of a hoop house, pick everything I can reach, and then rush back inside before my fingers freeze. There has been no work accomplished in the garden other than picking greens for dinner.  Almost all the vegetables are gone.  I wish I had planted more but we are not running low on food.  The preserved food from the summer garden is now being enjoyed.

I am pleased how the hoop houses are holding up.  This is the second year using the fabric.  There are some rips and tears, but not enough to make a difference.

Putting the wire hoops closer together but not running a twine as extra support allowed the roof to sag under the weight of the snow.  It was not enough to do any damage but next year I will use the twine again.  If we have a heavier snow next month, it might be a problem.

These are the hoop houses close to the back fence.

The few remaining vegetables underneath are not impressive.  I harvested the larger outer leaves and left the smaller ones to grow. However, nothing is growing since they are dormant. I have no qualms about stripping most of the leaves.  I love the flavor of winter salads.

The collard greens are almost all gone also.

This is the bed beside the garden shed on the (east) yard side.  Even though it only gets morning sun, it has survived as well as the others.

Scooter has enjoyed the snow.  He loves running around in circles. When he has had enough fun, he runs to the porch and stares at the front door waiting for it to magically open.

Let me in.
Poor Scooter.  The icy snow sticks to the long fur on his feet.  They are so cold.  Bless his heart. If only he had some nice warm booties to wear when he plays outside.

"NANA!" snapped Scooter.  "Do not listen to Mom.  She is dropping hints so you will buy me some booties.  DON'T DO IT! When my feet are caked with ice, snow, and mud all I need to do is run across the carpet and hop up on Mom's fancy, plush, thick comforter on her bed. The ice and mud quickly melts away while I snooze.  IGNORE MOM.  I am doing just fine."


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Amish, Laundry Day

This past week I drove through the Amish community in Ethridge, Tennessee.  For the first time in many days, the sun was shining and the weather was unseasonably warm.  It seems everyone was taking advantage of the rare burst of sunshine to do laundry.

They do not use electricity but have chosen to own gas-powered washing machines.  They are noisy and are located outside their homes either on the porch or in a separate building.  These houses had their clotheslines on pulleys attached to something tall.  They could stand in one spot and hang clothes while avoiding walking far.

It would be wonderful if the pleasant weather continued, but it won't.  Winter weather is quickly returning.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Breakfast in Bed

Only one was not too lazy to stand while eating.  

Her friends chose to eat, then snooze right on top of breakfast. 

Eat, snooze, eat.  A very accommodating Bed'n Breakfast.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Scooter Sends a Thank You Note

Dearest Nana,
It is lonely up here in Tennessee without you and I miss you terribly.  However, the weather has been cold, icy and miserable.  I understand you are busy taking care of Cousin Beau in the tropical state of Alabama.  The weather is better there so do stay where it is warmer and don't worry about my sufferings.

The package you sent arrived safely and I appreciate you thinking of me, being your favorite grandchild does have its advantages.  The treats were delicious and very enjoyable.  I insisted Joshua hold up one so you will be sure to know which are my favorites.  I will not receive any monetary compensation for my endorsement but want to be sure you know which are the best for future reference.

Due to my excitement, I was chewing so fast all the pictures were blurry.  Joshua offered to hold me still to help with Mom's photo op.

As for the other present - my new sweater.  Mom was thrilled.  She used words like "cute," "precious," and the absolute worst was "darling."  

Oh, Nana, I don't want to seem unappreciative, you are so generous, but...well... please don't listen to Mom anymore.  She means well, but... she does not understand.  The next time she hints at wanting a sweater, socks or even booties for me, tell her "Nothing screams elegance and style like real fur."

Nana, treats are the only way to a pooch's heart.

Love and hugs from your favorite grandchild,


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chopping Wood

A chip off of the old block.
Dustin and Reese have moved back home for a while and life has changed.  Their Dad decided to take advantage of their strong backs to do winter chores.  The only thing more thrilling than handling a chainsaw... swinging a manly ax.

As they worked hard, I began to feel sympathy so I offered to help.  Rather than split the large pile of wood drying on a big rock sitting in the backyard, I suggested they move the larger stumps to my flower bed.  

All they had to do was to move them past the hoop houses, around the wood rack, beyond the house, across the driveway, through the flower bed and then gently place them under the large oak tree in the far distance.  

"Mom, how is this chore easier than chopping the wood?"

I think he has a chip on his shoulder.
 "I can't believe you are serious.  Do you realize how much these logs weigh?"

"Methinks I know an easier way to move these stumps and upset Mom at the same time."

"NO REESE! STOP!  STOP! You are going to smash my flowers!" yelled Mom.

"Don't panic Mom.  There is plenty of room.  I won't smash too many of your flowers, or break any of the rocks or knock down any trees.  Trust me."

"See," bragged Reese, "there is plenty of space".

"The only thing more fun than irritating Reese, is irritating Mom." chuckled Dustin.

The stumps were (unceremoniously) dumped into my flower bed at the furthest part of the yard under the big oak tree.  They need some heavy flowerpots full of dirt placed on top, but that is for another day after they have rested.

"Life is much more exciting now that my pack is larger. Watching the drama is entertaining.  As long as no one is irritating me, I don't care who gets bothered." said Scooter.