Sunday, February 19, 2017

Local Ladies' Garden Club, Valentine Party

This past week we met for our Valentine's party at the home of a past garden club president.  The plans were decided upon at our January's meeting.

Everything was perfect.  Not a flaw could be found anywhere.

Every counter in the kitchen was laden with delicious dishes.  I took a fresh salad from my winter garden.  (In the right corner of the picture.)

Last year was my first time to attend the party with my Valentine and I was not prepared for the drama that ensued.  On the way home in the car, my beloved mentioned, the dinner rolls were the best he had EVER eaten. They were the "world's best rolls."  They were light, fluffy, melted in your mouth and were absolutely perfect.

I sat in the car beside him in stunned silence. I often make homemade bread, and I thought I was a good cook. Suddenly my whole world was crumbling before my eyes.

At the next monthly meeting, I decided to do something about this problem.  After the devotional and meeting minutes, I announced to everyone, “When I joined this club, it was with the understanding everyone was a trustworthy Christian lady, yet I have discovered there is a member after my man.   In this room sits a shameless hussy who is tempting my husband with her hot buttered buns!  Who is the Jezebel that baked the “world's best dinner rolls” at the Valentine dinner?  The floozy must confess!

There were stifled snickers throughout the group.

The tactic worked - the guilty dog barked!  Mrs. Judy exclaimed, “GOOD LORD! The last thing I need is another man!  I will send you the recipe in the mail tomorrow and teach you myself how to make the bread!  Please, keep your husband!”

She was true to her word. The recipe arrived in the mail a few days later with detailed instructions. Such a kind woman.  I forgave her immediately since she just did not realize the power of the alluring scent of her bread.

This year, Mrs. Judy again brought her dinner rolls and more than one woman asked my Valentine if he wanted seconds.  He always did.

Mrs. Judy's hot buttered buns.
As we were leaving I slipped into the kitchen to retrieve my empty salad bowl and sitting on top was the leftover rolls.  I mentioned this to the hostess since I did not want to take what was not mine.  She informed me all those rolls were for my husband.

What would Mrs. Judy think?  I pondered.

She said she didn't even ask Mrs. Judy but gave them to me.  We must make sure all our Valentines are pleased, for the harmony of the club.

I guess you are expecting me to share the magical recipe.  Forget it.  This is my secret. There are too many floozies out there who might be after my man.

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  1. Those flowers are SO lovely, and the table settings are gorgeous as well. How fun! It sounds like you ladies have a great time together.

    1. We did! The hostess was so warm and welcoming. She is an expert in the art of hospitality. I always come away from these ladies feeling like I have so much to learn.

  2. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard. Your group sounds an awful lot like the group of ladies I play Bunco with. Too much fun! I don't have a husband and I don't really want one so I am glad you aren't sharing the recipe, ha, ha!!

  3. A friendly hostess, lovely flower arrangements, such an opulent, tempting buffet meal, cheerful guests,-
    this MUST have been a pleasing day.

  4. Oh my!! Jeannie you're hilarious!!!

    Daffodils already? Here, in northern Europe, there's a faint smell of spring in the air, and we all feel like Yay!!!

    I immensely enjoyed your pictures.

    Take care.



    1. It has been the strangest winter ever, very warm. Right now it should be cold, dreary and miserable; but instead it is warm. Everything is blooming out early, too early. I fear it will return to normal and a hard freeze will kill everything. Oh well. No need to worry. I can't control the weather.

  5. Oh this is funny! Thank you for making me smile!