Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  This year I will not be making any resolutions, I can't ever keep them.  Instead, I will be sharing some of the memorable mailboxes I have driven past this year. It will be exciting and I will be handing out awards!  It might even become a tradition unless I wreck my car from looking at them while driving.

Don't Drink and Drive.  In front of a nightclub.
This wins the award for the cutest country mailbox ever.  The mail carrier must snicker everytime he delivers mail.  Wonder if she bites?

These win the award for the wackiest locations.  All three are sitting in the middle of the road where two streets join!  It is hard to believe the post office let them do this.

This one was hanging on used plumbing pipes.  I hope they have not used sewer pipes. Perhaps they were making a statement regarding junk mail.

These two ties for the best in creativity.  I would have never looked at either piece of twisted tree trunk and thought, "They will make great mailbox posts." 

This person must have been tired of cars hitting his mailbox so he made his indestructible

Must be a Vanderbilt fan.
An auger.
Some type of a pump.
This one was located in front of a welding shop.  It was made from I-beams.  The reflector markers are so it can be seen at night.  Any car hitting this, would be demolished.

Who knows what happened here?  Did he run into the mailbox while mowing and then both became stuck together?  Whatever happened, he must now mow around his mower.

This is my favorite.  I drive out of my way to go by this one all summer long.  These are morning glories which bloom in the morning and are gone by the evening.  It looked different every time I passed by.

This mailbox earns the award for the most exciting.  We stopped to look at it and while parked in the middle of the street, the homeowner waved at us.  I rolled down the window and asked him, "What is it?"

He yelled back, "A Goodwill thrift store find at a great price.  I had to buy it and then I didn't know where to put it so I stuck it on top of my mailbox."  

Bill and I started laughing. I asked him, "May I take a picture and put it on my blog?  No one will believe me unless I have a picture as proof."

He replied, "Take all the pictures you want but if you really want to see something interesting, drive on up to my yard."

We had to see what he had in his yard and only hesitated long enough for him to open the gate. What was on top of his mailbox and what was hidden behind the large keep out sign?  

You will see the treasures at the Birdhouse House.


  1. I think I like both the morning glory mailbox and the red tractor/train mailbox best. And am so curious as to what will be in the next post!

    1. I miss driving past the morning glory mailbox since it is winter but I will be saving money on gas. Hopefully, they will plant them again next, no wait, this year. I can't get used to 2018. It sounds so faraway.

  2. The wealth of ideas that these mail-box owners have seems to be unlimited.
    However, the skeleton on that vehicle is a bit scary. I would say, it´s a strange humor.

    1. The skeleton mailbox belonged to a night club and I think it must be a favorite place of men who like to ride motorcycles. We were not sure since it was early in the day and the place was closed. I do not plan on returning after dark to see if it is a wild place!