Saturday, December 8, 2018

Necessary Destruction

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a county far away, my prince and I were traveling and noticed a large group of cars parked on a roadside surrounding a microphoned auctioneer in the back of a truck.  The land beside the road was being sold.  We stopped to listen.  He was rattling on and on and on and on.  No one would bid.  I wondered why so many people but no bids?  Within seconds, I was bored and ready to leave until I noticed Bill slowly raising his hand!  My heart stopped!  NO!  I began shaking my head as I glared at my knight in suddenly tarnishing armor! The auctioneer's attention and the whole crowd turned to look at us.  Bill nodded, tipped his visor and the jousting began.  

"What are you doing?" I demanded between clenched teeth.

Bill whispered two words.  "Too cheap."

"So what?  We haven't seen the land, it could be a nuclear waste dump and you are spending our life's savings." My heart was racing and my world was crashing.

"SOLD!" barked the auctioneer as he pointed to Bill.

The crowd circled around us, congratulations were offered and introductions made.  They were the family of the previous owners and curious neighbors.  Only two other people in the large crowd were interested in buying the land.  Now it is ours.  

We were in the right place at the right time and my knight wisely grabbed a blessing.  The land will be our retirement.  It was selectively cut years ago and this is one of the old logging roads regrown.

Some of the large, older trees have become diseased.  This is normal and it is healthier to selectively cut the biggest ones to give the younger saplings room to grow.  We want to preserve our enchanted forest and keep it flourishing.

We hired a logger to cut only the trees that are 16' inches and larger in diameter at chest height.  Those chosen to be harvested were marked with red paint.

We decided to inspect and make sure it was being handled correctly.  Even though it is the best thing to do, the destruction before my eyes made me gasp and broke my heart.

It was raining, no one was working so we decided to snoop.  The machines were massive and reeked of exhaust fumes even when silent.

"Posing for a picture in the opened jaws of a sleeping dragon is not fun," said Scooter.
There was one area circled with markers not to be touched.  It was the old family cemetery of the previous owners.  We met them briefly when we purchased the land and suggested they continue using it in the future - they declined.  The young ones had all moved away. 

I never knew these people but would like to record what little information is left on their headstones in hopes this present day electronic medium will outlast the stone markers.  I doubt it will. 
Jonas Chairs
Died Mar 5, 1899
Gone but not forgotten

2 LC
B 1863
D 192(?) 

Using paper as a grave marker is really a bad idea. 

We wore orange hunting vests for safety because it was big game season.  Even though no one but Bill is allowed to hunt on our property, in deep woods, it's hard to know where one person's land stops and another's begins.  My son Joshua accompanied me on the hike.  He said if I couldn't make it back out of the mud, he would sling me over his shoulder (like a neanderthal) and carry me.  He is so manly.  

Scooter had the best time of his life.  I am happy to report he rode in the car there and back without throwing up once.  

"Mom, why are we stopping?  My feet aren't tired.  I haven't smelled every leaf, acorn, stick, tree, mushroom, or rock; neither have I drank from every muddy puddle." said Scooter.  "Stop smiling at Joshua and let's get going."

"Yum.  So many new flavors."
I, Sir Knight Scooter am on a quest to discover the Holy Grail, an old moonshine still, hidden deep in a valley on the backside of this vast hill.  According to the realtor when the land was purchased, it was hidden somewhere on the property.  Supposedly, it was smashed by government revenuers years ago.  If it can be found, I will do it.

"Did I find the moonshine still?  A gallant knight never drinks and tells."


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  1. Congratulations on the new land! I would love to have a cemetery on my property although there is one near us. I am fascinated by them!

  2. I'm so happy that you could log your land. That was one thing that really saved our bacon when we moved--we logged the 4 acres that were in forest before we put it on the market, and left the large piles for the new owners to deal with after trying all winter to burn them. We simply could not. One went down, but the others were too wet. There were many rules dealing with burning, and we followed them, but there was absolutely no danger of a forest fire, with how wet things were. In fact, on the last Thanksgiving we spent on that place, that's what we had the family do--burn piles after the Thanksgiving dinner. It was different, anyway, as entertainment goes:). But, it was a real blessing to have that money during such a lean time in our lives, and trees will grow back. We also had the entire property planted with little trees before we left, as the law in Oregon requires.

    1. I would be terrified to try and burn any of the piles. The only water source for an emergency are the creeks at the bottom of the steep hill. We only took pictures of the hilltop area because it was raining. I could not climb down then back up the hill in the mud. I would like to return later and get pictures of the creek area.

      I don't think we will be replanting because there are still so many trees left. It will probably be too shady.

      The money will come in handy. It will be going toward medical expenses. Sigh.

    2. Rob was just asking me the other day if I knew how your husband was doing. Hopefully he's well. Anyway, let him know Rob has been praying for him.

      I hate spending money on medical expenses--I'd much rather plan a trip to Disneyland. But, still I'm grateful that we have good medical help at this point in our lives. I'm afraid we are falling apart some days:). Well, I'm going to get myself down to Pilates this morning. Hopefully, I will be able to hobble out of the class afterwards without medical assistance:). I didn't get any extra exercise this weekend, except one small walk, since chasing children doesn't count! So, I will be stiff afterwards. I am the absolute worst in the class, but keep going because it helps me when I keep it up regularly!

      You have a great day!

    3. Thank you for the prayers. We do need all we can get. Bill is the same but the doctor said it is still too early for any improvements. We continue to wait.

      Chasing small children does count as exercise. There is nothing harder!

  3. It is moving so see the old gravestones in the middle of all these trees.
    This reminds me of the old Latin saying TEMPUS FUGIT, AMOR MANET.
    Time goes by, love remains.
    So true.

    1. This is only an assumption; however, when we met the family, they were black. Looking at the date on Jonas Chairs' tombstone, one can assume he may have been born a slave. Their birth dates were usually not recorded. All of the slaves were freed by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863. Jonas died 36 years later.

  4. What an exciting adventure, with a strong manly man and the brave knight Sir Scooter along for your companions!
    And what a marvelous retirement, not tied to the whims of the stock market and the government.
    I am glad Becky asked about Bill. I have been praying for you both, and will continue to do so.
    And I agree that chasing small children is definitely exercise!!
    How are your other 2 boys doing?

    1. They are doing fine at their jobs far away, but I still miss them so much. I can't seem to be able to cook smaller meals!

  5. Replies
    1. Yesterday Pack Leader gave him a quick haircut and he is quite naked. He is staying snuggled on the electric blanket on our bed. His long fur is beautiful but it soaks up muddy water like a cotton ball. He wears the hated sweater when we go out for a walk. I will tell him you think he is a handsome devil. He will agree.