Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Killing Frost (Vegetable Garden 2016)

Wednesday night November 9, 2016, was our first really hard frost and it killed the heat loving plants. The weather report said it dropped to 39 degrees.  It has gotten that cold already a few times but the ground was still warm enough to keep the plants alive.  Last night was just too much for them.

Yesterday I harvested the last of the tomatoes.  It is sad to watch them die and realize this is all for this year.

I will wrap these in newspapers and hide them away in the dark.  Many of them will continue to slowly ripen. The flavor will not be as good as the summer vine-ripened ones, but they will be better than any bought at the store.  My goal is to have enough for a large garden fresh salad for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is the pepper plant the morning after the frost.  Cold weather is not something they can tolerate.

All the peppers were harvested.  I will be freezing and dehydrating them but I know some will be joining the tomatoes in the Thanksgiving salad.

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  1. I had never heard of wrapping tomatoes in newspapers. Thanks for the tip....Vicky in Ky.