Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Petrol Patrol Parade

It was Thanksgiving weekend and everyone was home. We decided to get out and go somewhere together but everyone had to drive their own car. Sound strange?  I guess by now you realize we are an odd family. Where was the exciting place we were all going?  You guessed it - Kroger to get gas. Doesn't other families form a convoy to get a gas fill-up? Why were we doing this? This is why.

$1.149 per gallon after discounts
You read it right. $1.14 for gas (Dustin said, "Note the extra decimal place for accuracy"). No, there was not a gas war going on, although I wish there was. This month I had managed to accumulate 737 gas points from Kroger which gave me a $.70 discount for a one time purchase with a limit of 35 gallons. Since my car only holds 14 gallons, it is usually a waste of my time to bother with the program; however, if I can get everyone to join me, it would be fun.

Whenever I fill out one of the receipt surveys, I complain about being limited to a one-time fill-up. I invite everyone who reads this post to also complain when filling out your survey. It is time to revolt!

This is what I did. About a week before everyone was coming home, I texted them to let them know not to fill-up with gas. If possible, try to arrive home empty but not so empty that they would run out of gas on the interstate. They did such a good job of emptying their tanks that no one's car had enough gas to go and pick up Nana on Thanksgiving. We managed to find an opened station and did go get her.

Since I am paying for the gas (I am a such a good Mom) my car gets filled up first before the points run out. Notice my gas tank cap is on the passenger's side while everyone else's is on the driver's side. This is a problem. I pulled up to one side of the island and they lined up on the other. The hose nozzle would stretch across to the other side if you parked just right.

My car.
After my car was full, it was Reese's turn. There was no rule as to who went first after me. Everyone arrived at the station at the same time. The lot was full so it required maneuvering around to get all the cars lined up in order. Reese just happened to be first after me.

Reese's Truck
After Reese came Joshua. His and Dustin's cars are the same kind and they each hold only 10 gallons. My car holds 14 gallons so if my gas discount had only totaled about $.20 it would not be worth bothering to try to coordinate more than one car. Reese would use the discount since he drives more than I, and at the same time, also fill up the gas cans for the lawnmowers.

Joshua's car
It looks like we are filling up the same car again but they just look alike.

It was very important to not hang the gas nozzle back up between fill-ups because it would turn the pump off. If that happened, you wouldn't get any more gas at the discounted price. One person, usually me, would stand and hold the nozzle while others moved the cars.  

Dustin's car
To prove this is a true story and not one I made up, this is the total - $40.22 for 35 gallons for four cars. I win bragging rights!

$40.22 for 35 gallons
This is how I managed to accumulate so many Kroger gas points.

11/4     275 points earned      
I received a coupon from Kroger for 200 gas points if you spent $60. I decided to try and earn points for everyone for the Thanksgiving weekend. I ended up spending $75 for which I also got points.

11/5      50 points earned        
I filled out one of the receipt surveys and earned 50 points. I did complain about only being able to use points on one fill-up.

11/5     36 points earned         
I spent $36 on groceries. I don't remember what I got or why I went back the next day to buy more groceries. If I had a good memory, I would not have had to go back the next day.

11/17     25 points earned        
I spent $25 for groceries

11/23     200 points earned       
I downloaded an online coupon for 4xs gas points for buying a gift card. I bought a $50 gift card which was something I had already planned to do.

11/23     80 points earned         
Kroger was also running a special for 4xs gas points for purchasing a phone card. My phone minutes will run out next month so I purchased a card this month and earned 80 points.
11/23     21 points earned         
I spent $21 on groceries

11/25     50 points earned         
There was another receipt survey with the 11/23 grocery purchase. I took another survey, of course, I complained again.

Total points earned this month 737 and we used 700 of them. We got a $.70 discount which means 35 gallons times $.70 equals $24.50 saved.  

So when Dustin and Reese go back to college tomorrow morning and their professors ask them to write an essay titled, What I Did on My Thanksgiving Vacation, they can brag, Our Family Got Gas at Kroger.

Bragging rights - priceless


  1. Wowee!! That is awesome, Jeannie! High Five to you for that awesome gas deal and taking care of your whole family! :)

    1. It was easy getting them to cooperate. All I had to say was, "Free tank of gas," and they all dropped everything and headed to their cars.

    2. What's not to love about this idea. Pure genius and everyone got the benefit of your creative thinking. Dorothy

    3. We were getting strange looks from people because no one moved to an empty pump when it became available. Plus, it was obvious we all knew each other since the boys were goofing off together.
      Strange looks has never stopped me before.

  2. That is awesome! I do the surveys too and pad my rewards card as much as I can. Every little bit helps. :)

    1. Your blog was mentioned by Dawn at Blessed... so I went and read a bunch of your posts. You make me tired just reading about all you get accomplished each week. Whew!

  3. Jeannie,
    That's hilarious! I'm glad you could take full advantage of the good deal. In Oregon, we cannot fill our own tanks, so I don't think it would work as well here.

    The really funny part is having to go to the store 2 times in a row and you can't remember why! That happens to me lots of times! I think I have every single thing in the world on my shelf and in my fridge and then.....I don't have something like sugar, or eggs:)

    I found out you had a blog from your comment on Erica's blog, but had a very hard time getting to it. For whatever reason, the link (when I clicked your name at the beginning of your comment), you left sent me to a Google page that was about you (as in your name was there), but I could not figure out any way to access the blog from it. It may be my lack of technical skills (very probable), but thought you'd like to know that others may have the same problem.


    1. Hello Becky and welcome. I have read your blog since the very beginning when you had to sell your house and move into the camper. When my husband stops for a coffee break, I read him my blogs. He does have trouble keeping them all apart so I call you "My camper-lady", Erika I call, "My Alaska-lady". For some reason I have to own everyone on my blogs. We have trouble remembering what state you are in and I just say, "Way out west somewhere". My geography is a bit rusty since I stopped homeschooling.
      My Mom reads my blog everyday and when she sees that you can't pump your own gas in Oregon, she might be moving in with you. She is old school and hates to pump gas. She remembers when a "lady" did not drive a car, wear pants or chew tobacco. Pumping gas might fall in that category. Anyway, HEY MOM! JUMP IN AND COMMENT! Click on the "Reply Button."
      As for the problem with my Google page...TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES all go to one of my sons. There is a list I am compiling of problems when he finishes tomorrow's exam. I will add your problem to the the VERY long list.
      Thank you for letting me know.