Friday, November 18, 2016

Lynnville, Tennessee

This week Bill and I went on a travel date to the historic town of Lynnville, Tennessee, population 272, we made it 274. It was first established in 1810 and was named for the linden trees which grew along the bank of Lynn Creek (or so the internet says). It was the old stagecoach pike which connected Nashville, Tennessee and Decatur, Alabama. It was a flourishing little town but much of it was burned and destroyed during the Civil War by guerilla warfare (pretty common history around these parts). Today it is a little town that time seems to have forgotten.

Being hungry, we checked out the menu at the Soda Pop Junction:
Lynnville's Best Bologna Sandwich (Grilled to perfection) - $3.50 (Really! $3.50)
Lynnville's Best Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que - $3.50
Burger 1/3 lb - $4.50 (Voted best burger in Tennessee, it was)
Tea - $.99 (When was the last time I got a glass of tea for $.99?)
Yes, this is our kind of a restaurant.

So very quaint. It was entertaining just looking at the junk/stuff everywhere. I had the urge to dust.

Their menu stated...the building was built in 1860 and was used as L.E. Moore Drug Store from 1928 to 1978. The building still has the original pharmacy...and original soda fountain...

They still make milkshakes the old fashioned way, by hand.  Bill could not resist the chocolate, hot fudge syrup craving and indulged himself. He sat on the barstool like a sheriff in an old western overseeing the operation. He was quite pleased with the results.  

As we left the building, I spied two interesting looking characters sitting on sidewalk benches and decided I needed to investigate further. I walked up to them (I can walk up to anyone anywhere and start a conversation) and asked if they thought it would rain. Both looked up at the cloudless sky and began to complain about the drought. Yep, my kind of people. Anyone that can complain about the weather is a friend of mine.

I moved in closer to hear more.

I asked them if they were from around here, they were. The gentleman on the right said he sat there every day of the week, all day long, all year long (now that's some serious settin'). Whenever anyone takes a picture of the town, he is always in it. He went on to say that when The Food Network, Travel Channel, Tennessee Crossroads or any other big television show came to town to do a special, he would be caught in the pictures (now that's some serious braggin'). 

I moved in even closer, I had to hear more.

The gentleman on the left said while sitting there he had met and talked to people from all over the world: Australia, England, the list went on and on. He said he has met the world and didn't even have to leave his seat.
Country folk.  You just gotta' love them.

We will be returning.

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  1. Sounds like a cool place to visit. Glad you had a good time. ...Vicky in Ky