Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Technical Difficulties

Faochadh is Scottish-Gaelic for temporary relief or rest and is the name of Joshua's computer.
My apologies to anyone who tried to read this blog last night. I was experiencing technical difficulties with my difficult technicians. It was my desire to add a tabs text but when I tried to set it up, I could not understand what I was to do. After four hours (yes, I really spent four hours going around in circles) my son Reese offered to help me. He is so sweet.

I explained the problem, showed him a blog set up like I liked and offered him my computer. He turned up his nose and said, “I use that slow thing? It is a dinosaur. No way. I am using my powerful, fast computer.”

“Don't you need my computer so you can log into my account?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “I can handle it.”

I sat back feeling rescued.

“Let's see...Google email, got that, top secret password...hmm, since this is you it can't be too hard...123456...yep, I am in,” he snickered.

I did not care how sarcastic he was since he was about to fix my blog.

“If I mess it up so bad it can't be fixed, how mad will you be?” Reese asked.

I wondered about this trick question a second. If I said I would be mad, he would not help but at the same time, he might accidentally destroy everything. Oh well, I could just start a new blog under an alias, I thought.

I said, “I won't get mad. Do whatever you want to do.” These were words I quickly lived to regret.

“Click the refresh button, in the upper left-hand corner, the arrow in a spiral, and tell me what you think,” he calmly said.

I gasped in horror! The page was black with yellow, orange and red flames bursting across the sides and top! “It looks like HELL!”

“Mom! You said a bad word!” he chuckled.

“No, I mean it 'looks as if it is hell' with fiery flames exploding all over the page. People will think they are in Dante's Inferno and run screaming.”

He burst into laughter. “How about this?” he asked.

I hit the refresh button and up came a page covered in glow-in-the-dark, neon green leaves with a purple font. I gasped again and said, “It looks like the trees are radioactive!”

“Well it is a garden site after all,” he laughed even harder. “So how about this?”

A new page loaded that was covered in lovely orange fall leaves with hot pink Arabic font!

At this moment the phone rang and it was my oldest son, Joshua; he would save me. I just knew it. He is the son that built his own computer from salvaged or purchased used parts (thrifty, yea!) because he could not buy one from a store powerful enough to please him. I put the phone on speaker so he could chastise Reese. I told him of my dilemma (his irritating brother) and he clicked on to my web page to see for himself. I knew when the page loaded by the peals of laughter exploding over the phone.

“Can you fix his mistakes on your computer from there?” I asked.

“Sure Mom. All I need is your top secret password...hmm...12345...nope...123456...yep, I am in. Mom, don't ever do any online banking. Trust me,” Joshua said. “So how about we move the title to the bottom of the page, then move the things on the right side to the left side of the page, then…”


“Hey Reese, let's see how bad we can make Mom's blog look.”

I was doomed. That was how the evening went. Finally, the phone's battery began to die as they tired of tormenting me. As the phone began chirping its dying warning, I left them with these final words, “Fix it or else. Good night.”

I have logged in today to see only the fuchsia pink and lime green font left. Surely, I can fix that myself or maybe I just might grow to like it. Anyway, I do apologize to anyone who might have thought their computer was broken last night. Hopefully, it won't happen again, but since they have stolen my password, I can't promise anything.


  1. How amusing!! My husband helped with mine and I remember gasping at him as well. He decided to set up a second blog so that he could make all the changes there to get my approval without messing with my blog until I gave him permission. I wanted more things but the process the first time to get the tabs at the top and something else I asked for was way to stressful to ask again!! Love the process and that they both "hacked" your password :)

  2. Alison, the process of setting up a blog is not user friendly. At least I have my "difficult" sons to help me. They can fix anything when it comes to computers. I know what happened. The blogs were created by computer programmers with high IQs and they did not know how to teach kindergartners. They are unable to pass their knowledge on to the average user.
    You know they say Einstein could not tie his own shoes. It was too simple. I can tie at least tie my shoes.