Thursday, December 29, 2016

Turn Past the Tractor Mailbox

The directions I give to friends visiting my home include, "Turn past the tractor mailbox."   

Country folk nods their heads; city folk look at me puzzled and ask, "What is a tractor mailbox?"

I reply, "You'll see."


  1. Love the mailbox. Did you get my email re the armadillos that we're still giggling about? Dorothy

    1. No, Dorothy I have not gotten your email. I handed the computer to my sons and they said I have clicked the correct buttons. I have clicked, unclicked, reclicked and double clicked. Stupid internet. It said I have a "connectivity" problem. CONNECTIVITY! CONNECTIVITY! What is that? I don't think that is even a word. Someone just made that word up to use on people like me. No one knows what it means so they use it to make people like me go away. You have a connectivity problem... you are doomed, so go away! I suppose they expect me to slink away, but I won't. I have outsmarted THEM (whomever that is). If you will look to the upper right corner of this blog in the note where I introduced myself, you will see my email after my name. And just in case that does not show up: MY EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE IS:
      Dorothy, I really hate technology.
      Tonight I got a call from a friend who said that I need to fix my "RSS" feed. What is that? Really Stupid Stuff?
      So Dorothy, please, please try and email me again. I am not trying to avoid you. You know, I think I really would rather use the tractor mailbox.

  2. I just forwarded the old email to you. It seems that I forgot 2 rrs in the address and it went to someone else. Geez.

    1. Dorothy, it's ok, really, I understand fighting technology. There are really quite a lot of "r's" in my email. Try finding ANY new email address for the name Morris. They are all taken. Jmorris was taken along with using 3r's, 5r's and I was not about to use 6r's. Jmorrrrrris would have been a nightmare. As for using 4rs, there were already 8 users.
      By the way, your email did make it.