Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Keep On Truckin'

Reese told me last week he was having problems with his truck.  A breakdown? A flat tire? A blown gasket? Leaking oil? Check Engine light on (post-it-notes over the light works)?

"What is the problem? I quickly asked.

"It is the handle on my windows.  I have to turn it to raise or lower the windows."  Reese replied.

"It is a MANUAL window.  That is how it is supposed to work."  I retorted.

"I don't like it.  I want power windows like your car." Reese said.

"I am not giving you my car. This is YOUR truck, YOUR problem. What are YOU going to do about it?  Do YOU have a plan to fix this 'problem'?"

"Yes, I do have a plan.  I was watching Youtube and they said...."

At this point, I stopped listening.  He kept talking but I did not hear a word he said until Bill and I arrived home later, and saw his truck torn apart like this in the backyard:

And this:

And this:

Oh dear. I decided to stop and really listen. So I asked, "What was your plan again?"

"I am playing epic music for entertainment while removing my manual windows and replacing them with electric.  Everyone on Youtube says the conversion will be easy,"  Reese assured me as he rolled his eyes.

"But those people are professional mechanics who have done this type of work before and know what they are doing.  You have never seen the inside of a truck door." I argued.

I know what I am doing. Don't doubt me.
"Oh yes, I have.  I found a truck like mine at a junkyard and took it apart into smaller pieces.  Now I know what to do."

"I bet those people at the junkyard were mad at you for breaking their truck,"  I chided.

"MOM.  It is a junkyard.  I did them a favor.  Now they won't have to take it apart."

Since I have never been to a junkyard, I could not argue.  I changed my tactics and asked, "How are you supposed to do this?"

"Well, first you are supposed to unplug the gizmo that is attached to the what-cha-ma-call-it...then you ...

...or do you unplug the doohickey under the thingamabob...

...so then the door panel falls off...

Door panel.
...so easy...."

Right door panel.
"I drafted Dustin to help with this project (college senior working on an Electrical Engineer Degree with a minor in math).  Surely he would be good for something,"  Reese mused.

If there was the possibility of an explosion or the chance I would get irritated, Dustin would instantly jump in.

Reese and Dustin unsuccessfully smiling at me.
About that time Bill decided to see what was blocking the driveway and why we could not park our car in the garage.

He walked up, look at the mayhem and all he said was, "Do you think you can ever get it back together?"

I did not hear the reply because I walked away pretending I did not see the chaos.

Bill inspecting the damage.
Reese showing me the "problem" window crank.
I guess you are wondering the outcome of my story.  Did my grease-monkey manage to assemble and repair everything?  Yes, except for the "nut" behind the wheel.

The nut behind the wheel.

Newly installed power window switch in the door panel.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The boys claim this is not how it really happened. I agree, my testimony would not hold up in court. However, they are welcome to provide a rebuttal and until they do, my fiction stands. This is my story and I am stickin' to it.

An Additional Truck Escapade: