Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January's Garden (2018)

Cold and miserable, that has been the weather this month.  I rush out to the garden, raise the side of a hoop house, pick everything I can reach, and then rush back inside before my fingers freeze. There has been no work accomplished in the garden other than picking greens for dinner.  Almost all the vegetables are gone.  I wish I had planted more but we are not running low on food.  The preserved food from the summer garden is now being enjoyed.

I am pleased how the hoop houses are holding up.  This is the second year using the fabric.  There are some rips and tears, but not enough to make a difference.

Putting the wire hoops closer together but not running a twine as extra support allowed the roof to sag under the weight of the snow.  It was not enough to do any damage but next year I will use the twine again.  If we have a heavier snow next month, it might be a problem.

These are the hoop houses close to the back fence.

The few remaining vegetables underneath are not impressive.  I harvested the larger outer leaves and left the smaller ones to grow. However, nothing is growing since they are dormant. I have no qualms about stripping most of the leaves.  I love the flavor of winter salads.

The collard greens are almost all gone also.

This is the bed beside the garden shed on the (east) yard side.  Even though it only gets morning sun, it has survived as well as the others.

Scooter has enjoyed the snow.  He loves running around in circles. When he has had enough fun, he runs to the porch and stares at the front door waiting for it to magically open.

Let me in.
Poor Scooter.  The icy snow sticks to the long fur on his feet.  They are so cold.  Bless his heart. If only he had some nice warm booties to wear when he plays outside.

"NANA!" snapped Scooter.  "Do not listen to Mom.  She is dropping hints so you will buy me some booties.  DON'T DO IT! When my feet are caked with ice, snow, and mud all I need to do is run across the carpet and hop up on Mom's fancy, plush, thick comforter on her bed. The ice and mud quickly melts away while I snooze.  IGNORE MOM.  I am doing just fine."



  1. But, Scooter, think of the fashion statement you can make! Red ones, blue would be good, too.

    1. Ms. Sally, NO, NO, NO! I do not want booties. Manly camouflage hunting boots just like Pack Leader's is a maybe, but not sissy booties. That is what French Poodles wear.

  2. Brrr! I am freezing when I look at these pictures! But that is January.
    Here in our region some plants (roses) come into leaf too early. That is not good.
    When winter comes back, maybe in the next weeks, it would hurt them.

    1. Nothing is sprouting here yet. February can sometimes be the worst month of the year, or it can be the beginning of Spring. You never know what it will be like.

  3. Thomas with his long silky fur comes in sodden when we have rain.
    Took a while to teach him that rubbing him down with a towel, is kindly meant. Quite pleasant actually, thanks.

    1. Scooter has hair not fur so he soaks up water like a cotton ball. He too is confused when we rub him down after a romp in the snow and just looks at us like we are crazy. I try to explain to him the importance of no mud on the carpet, but he refuses to listen.

      I have been following the news regarding the drought in your hometown of Cape Town, South Africa which is facing "Day Zero" in April. The day your city of 4 million runs out of water. Your water saving efforts are creative and your garden is still amazingly beautiful.

      I recommend her blog to anyone interested is seeing close-up the difficulties of surviving on very little water every day.

    2. Thank you for the mention, and the kind support!

      Our Day Zero has been pushed forward, thanks to farmers. Agricultural irrigation was cut by 60% and Elgin farmers have donated some water. Now looking at 11th May.

  4. We have had no snow this year, unlike last year. Still, seeing all that brings back memories of last year at this time!
    It's amazing that your hoop houses do so well and you are still getting greens out of them:). I love seeing your garden, even snow-covered, and almost used up! Now you can use up some of that canned and frozen food you preserved!

    1. With Dustin and Reese home now we are blowing through the food I preserved. It is not a complaint but a grateful feeling that the garden produced so well.

      If February remains cold, the plants will not produce much; however, if we can get at least a few warm days, it might begin to grow.

      I just hope your family is getting over the flu and that you don't catch it.

  5. Looking at your greens, my mouth is watering! Fresh greens are always so yummy, and home-grown ones are the BEST!

    1. Margaret, I read your comment to Reese. He said home-grown greens are the best, unless they are covered in bugs. He is always sassy.