Sunday, January 7, 2018

Scooter is Mad at Us

A cold shoulder.
"Scooter, I know you are upset but will you please look at me so we can talk?" asked Mom.

"Ignoring me will not make anything better." stated Mom.

"Will you please speak to me?" begged Mom.

"Look what Pack Leader did to my face! He shaved my masculine beard and mustache; now I look like a sissy French Poodle! A FRENCH POODLE! IT IS EMBARRASSING!" 

I am too embarrassed to be seen in public.
"Scooter, it was necessary because you were making a mess everytime you ate or drank water.  I was tired of washing your face all day long.  There are advantages to having a clean-shaven face and one involves ham." 

Did you mention the word "ham'?
"Pouty little pooches with clean-shaven faces are allowed messy, greasy treats like HAM BONES!" said Mom.



"Ugh! My tummy hurts. Ouch! I ate too much - so much pain. I can't eat all of my bone but I can't leave it in the yard. Joshua, Dustin or Reese might find it and eat the leftovers. What can I do?" worried Scooter.

"Methinks I see a solution."

"This is the perfect place, right in the middle of Mom's flowers.  No one will find my bone if I bury it here.  I don't see anyone looking."

Dig, Dig, Dig.

The secret spot.
The delicious uneaten bone.
I suppose there are worse things in life than a bad hair day or looking like a sissy poodle but I can't think of any right now.   Sigh.  


  1. Poor ole Scooter!
    I think he looks handsome with his new trim job : )

    1. Jo, I like it better also, so much cleaner. Scooter is quite messy when he eats. I will tell him you think he is handsome. It will make him feel happier.

  2. What a huge bone! ( dinosaur ?)
    In any case a real treat for Scooter and no problem
    because he has strong teeth.

    1. I read your post to everyone and we all laughed at it being a dinosaur bone. It was a large ham I cooked when the guys were all home for the weekend. It takes lots of food to fill them up when they first arrive. Then I cooked the bone again in a large pot of pinto beans. Scooter was not interested in the beans.

  3. I like my men clean shaven too. lol I read your introduction on your profile and loved it! I wish my mom liked to read my blog.

    1. Marti, I have read your blog before and your Mom is missing quite a lot. You make me want to stop and spend time quilting. Right now I am busy painting the laundry room. Everything that was in there, is now in the middle of the living room floor, or in the middle of the kitchen table, or on the kitchen floor.

  4. Does cooking the bone twice make it softer? And Scooter is so handsome, I just want to hug him!

    1. It was a big smoked country ham and I cooked it again to squeeze out the last bit of flavor to season a big pot of beans. Cooking a ham bone does not soften it but a dog does not mind since they enjoy chewing on hard things. Cooked ham bones crumble into grainy chunks and are safe. Chicken bones splinter into sharp shards and are dangerous for dogs. Scooter never gets chicken bones.

      It was a delicious special treat for Scooter. His face was a greasy mess when he finished plus he dug a hole in the mud in my flower bed. He covered it back over with his nose, which was also covered in mud. He was filthy when he finished.

  5. Scooter looks so cute! Tell him to be grateful you don't put clothes on's a trend, you know!

    1. Oh Sally, just wait a few days. I am working on a new post and Scooter is even unhappier. You shall see.