Monday, May 8, 2017

Scooter, Floating on a Cloud

Scooter wearing his mud facial while relaxing in the garden
Hello, Doctor Scooter here with another miracle cure for my loyal fan club.  Since I know all there is to know about everything, I want to share something about which most humans are oblivious.   A wonderful way to relax. 

Do you wake up tired, stiff, and achy?  You don't have to spend $1,000 for a comfortable mattress.  There is nothing more enjoyable than laying down in a plot of freshly plowed soil.  

From plush to extra firm, every inch is made from premier, natural organic materials which contours to your individual body shape.  Every spot is designed with the right bounce and sink to create an outrageously comfortable experience. 

If you are searching for the newest technology for a therapeutic supportive embrace without the high cost, search no further than your own garden.  Each area offers its own functional design which will compliment your outside earth tone decor.  Your own backyard has it all.

It is like floating on a cloud.  Trust me.  Give it a try.


  1. Scooter is adorable....and all those brains, to boot!

    1. My Mom says Scooter writes better than I do!

  2. ... and now straight into a tub filled with warm bath water.


    1. He was given a bubble bath, which he did not enjoy.

  3. Too cute! I've always loved digging in the dirt. :) What a dog gone good life!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.