Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What are You Thinking? Peanuts!

This is the scoundrel who stole my vegetables from my winter garden and is sitting on my fence post overlooking my garden eating something belonging to me.  He is planning his next heist.   Is he eating my peanuts we just planted?


  1. He does look like a scoundrel! I'm amazed at what squirrels will eat. One year I had a pretty row of sunflowers along our lattice room and they tore them apart when they were barely open. Taught me not to put them against a building!

    1. Sally, if they wanted your sunflowers, it would not matter where they were, they would have gotten them. They are unstoppable!

  2. Too cute to me, but of course not if it were my garden! We use to live on an acre where our neighbor had peach trees next to our fence dividing the property. My favorite hobby was watching the peskiest squirrel in the neighborhood sneak into his yard and roll a peach away to the back patch of woods where he would enjoy it in peace. The neighbor was always complaining about losing his peaches! Maybe he thought we stole them?