Sunday, May 14, 2017



Here is my Mother's day gift to you, Nana, which is so much better than Mom's present.  I am sending pictures of me, just as you requested because I am so handsome.

I told Mom I would pose for pictures but she must take them while I am in the middle of her flower bed.

Flowers, herbs, weeds, whatever, they all smash the same and make a comfortable spot.

All pictures are to show me alert and guarding because I am so brave!  

No silly pictures will be tolerated.

And don't dawdle.  I am getting hungry.  It is close to lunchtime. 

MOM!  You are taking too long, I am getting bored...

and distracted.  

When are you going to be finished taking pictures?

Finally!  A good picture!

And another good picture.

Nana, isn't this better than a gift certificate?  Mom does not know how to give gifts.  I am way more fun than anything else.


  1. LOL! I love it! I have to do a post introducing my cats. Then they could get to know Scooter via pen pals ;).

    Don't feel bad about him being in your flower bed and garden. It's a pet thing. My daughter's new cat Prince is doing wonders for aerating my garden for me *grumble* but will he catch and kill the huge rabbit I saw last week? Nahhhh that'd be too nice of him. Darn cat.

    1. Oh Erika, I must apologize in advance for Scooter's manners toward any cat. He will be less than hospitable to Prince. Please understand.

  2. Enjoyed the time with Scooter. I'm new to your blog and will be reading backwards. Will be joining your followers if you have that feature. Really enjoy seeing the Tennessee area as we are looking to move to TN or northern Alabama.

    1. Welcome Sugar! I hope you enjoy my nonsense and if you are moving to lower middle Tennessee, I would love to give you a tour!
      I will also be visiting your blog tonight.

  3. Scooter is such a cool looking dog.

    Yael from

    1. I went to your website and loved your cats. Scooter was not interested and would not look at the pictures. He just snoozed on the couch.

  4. Scooter is very photogenic and a belated Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother, too.