Thursday, April 13, 2017

Frou Frou Folly?

OH! It is an Easter bunny.  (Palm slap to forehead)  How could I have been so stupid?  Too cute.


  1. Oh my bunnies are HUGE in Tennessee!!!!! (Anyway that's lovely)

    Laughed out loud at the frou frou follies!!

    French (catholic) tradition. We don't do Easter Bunnies. We do Bells. All bells from all churches in France fly to Rome on Holy Friday. And on their way to the Vatican, they drop all those delicious chocolate eggs in french gardens.

    Have a great Easter time!!


    1. When I drove by this mailbox, I almost wrecked trying to figure out what they had done to it. It wasn't until I slowed and looked closer that I saw the bunny. Then I turned around and went back to take the picture. Paying closer attention to the road is really something I need to start doing better.

      Oh, I like your traditions better than ours. Nothing beats chocolate eggs!

  2. Ha, ha, ha. Cute!! Have a Happy Easter.