Monday, April 10, 2017

Rocks In My Neighborhood

This is my neighborhood.  I am not joking.  We pass this spot when we take Scooter for an afternoon walk.  This is the direction we must go because there is a big dog the other way that barks and scares Scooter.  OK, OK. The truth is that it is a small dog that barks BIG.  What matters is Scooter thinks he is BIG and scary.

I do obey the "No Trespassing" sign; however, a few years ago this property was for sale and we considered buying it.  Why you ask?  Because it was in our price range.  We called the realtor and carefully walked the land, very carefully walked the land.

The rocks are limestone which are dissolved by rainwater slowly over a long time.   This causes cracks, crevices, sinkholes and caves to form everywhere.

We call this the "turn-around-hole" because when we get to this point, we are finished walking and turn around.


Someone else bought the land and built a house.  If you look carefully you can see the house through the trees in the back of the picture.

Across the street from the new house in the woods sits this new house (everyone is moving to Tennessee).  If you are wondering what the land would look like if the trees were cleared, this is it.  These people decided to clear the land and plant a lawn.  Why????  I don't think they have ever mowed it because, well, how would you mow it????

All this begs the question, who likes this type of land?  There are two kinds:  people like us who can't afford expensive land and, well, the other type...

Yep, the rest of our neighbors.


  1. This landscape is surely the ideal adventure playground for those
    creatures with 4 paws, but those with 2 legs will need good walking
    shoes.Otherwise, - sprained ankle?

    1. The goats are fun to watch because they push to see who gets to be on the top of the rocks.

      Yes, it would be easy to sprain an ankle, or break a neck! Often you can't see the holes because the leaves are piled up on top making it even more dangerous. You learn to carefully put your foot down and feel the ground to be sure it is firm before you put all your weight on your foot. The trees are beginning to leaf out and soon you won't be able to see very deep into the woods.

  2. Oh I love your goat neighborhood. Goats are fun to watch. They do always like the highest point even if it means climbing on each other. My oldest daughter has goats.

    1. I wish we had some. We have checked into getting them. Maybe someday?

  3. I love the random dog hanging out with the goats! Maybe he thinks he is a goat?

    1. He is a Giant Pyrenees and he does think he owns the goats. They are working dogs, meaning they are raised together so they grow up protecting the goats. It is absolutely amazing watching them work the herd. They pace the perimeter of the property during the night constantly watching for any predators. They also protect their owners along with their goats and may consider a person dangerous so you have to be careful when you approach one.


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