Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I Was Caught...Again.

Rainbow over our neighbor's field.
I did it again, stuck my foot in my mouth.  Will I ever learn?  I said a few things that weren't exactly this post.   Most of what I said was true.  Honest.  So this post is a retraction and a sort of apology to Reese.  It is so hard to admit failure to your child especially when they are quick to point out your mistakes.  So, here goes.

Tulip blooming today Reese gave me as a present.
It is true we are waiting for Reese to return home from his new job so he can make a dump run to empty the trash cans which have fermented.  He has not been back since he left in January and I will admit to being wrong about my statement, "Reese has forgotten where we live."  That simply is not true.  He has a GPS in his truck and unlike me, knows how to punch the right buttons to get him where he wants to go.  I prefer paper maps.  They always work and don't nag when I go the wrong way.

Another blooming tulip given to me by Reese.
I also retract this statement:  "He (Reese) never reads my posts, just looks at the pictures, so I am safe in writing this and telling the world.  He will never know (about the maggot infested trash cans) until he gets home."  He read my blog this past week.  He caught me.  He now knows what I said about him.

He also accused me of telling the world I bribe him with food to get him to return home.  That is true.  However, I have never denied it.

And since I am apologizing for EVERYTHING naughty I said this past week.  For the sake of FULL DISCLOSURE, I did email him this picture of me sitting on the porch crying on Dustin's shoulder after he left in January.  I asked him if it tugged at his heartstrings.  It did! 


I really should be ashamed, but I am not.


  1. Tulips (and peonies) are my favourite flowers. Your pics are gorgeous. Your flowers are gorgeous. (Thank Reese for us all)

    No tulips in sight here. Magnolias are in full bloom though, and yesterday I glimpsed a white one. It was pure beauty. Spring!!!

    I'm so very glad your mischievous schemes worked!!! ;)
    Yay to fried chicken and mind control!!!

    Have a great Friday, have a great week end!!


    1. I will be cooking (and they will be eating) the whole time!!!!!!!!

  2. You are funny. Kids have a way of doing this to their Mothers. I have one that does the same! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!